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Research Examples of Developmental Psychology

Over the years we’ve come across many examples of research in developmental psychology, often done with various behavioral research tools. Looking for topics for developmental psychology research papers? We’ve put together an overview of research examples in developmental psychology that were published on the Behavioral Research Blog

The infant stage is the time from birth until children are (roughly) two years old. A time that has been well studied by researchers, as changes are rapid and these first years in life are considered fundamental in our development.

In learning about objects and their parts, transporting objects to new locations, and sharing objects with others, the hands are essential. Infants discover how to control each hand and how to use the hands together.

There are many reasons to study the development of hand preference in infants, as it can provide clues about motor skills or any developmental disorders. A team of researchers was particularly interested in asymmetric bimanual actions and presented “Unimanual to bimanual: Tracking the development of handedness from 6 to 24 months”.

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